The PantaTec principle

In the blasting process with mineral-form blasting media, the problem with oils and greases described above does not occur to such an extent as with the use of circulating metallic media. An essential reason for this is the comparatively high fluctuation of the mineral-form media in and out of the blasting process.
The mineral abrasives are destroyed much faster and accordingly removed faster from the process as dust. As a result, the accumulation of oils and greases in the blasting media is greatly reduced and plays essentially no role. However, for technical and economic reasons the use of metal blasting abrasives is preferred.

With the use of a suitable mineral-form additive, it is possible to supplement the functions of the metal blasting media with the purifying function of a mineral abrasive.
The basic prerequisite for such an additive is the capability to separate oils and greases from metal surfaces and fix them.
Furthermore, it must also be possible to remove the additive from the process together with the contamination; that is, transport the additive out of the process.
Ideally, this should be possible without modification of the blasting system and without the increased wear characteristic of mineral abrasives.
The additive must function extremely fast, as blasting processes are highly dynamic processes.
The velocity of the blasting shot grains is in fact between 80 and 200 m/s, according to the used technology. The workpiece surfaces and blasting shot are therefore in contact with each other for only a fraction of a thousandth of a second: this is the time available for the purifying effect. With the PantaTec Principle, this is taken into consideration in so far as it utilises the adhesion effect instead of suction.

Through treatment with the blasting media additive, an oily workpiece is made dry and grease-free again in an instant

The occasionally found advice on the use of absorptive media, such as oil binder, cat litter or sawdust, are of no use whatever for this. These materials act far too slowly and are too heavy. Instead, the additive used is equipped with the following properties:

  • a large contact surface
  • considerably greater adhesive force against oils and greases than metal
  • low inherent weight for transport by air flow
  • good separation properties for removal in air flow separators and filters
  • inerting effect on blasting dust against fire and explosion risks
  • chemically inert and neutral
  • free of salt,

PantaTec has these properties.