With PantaTec treatment, parts, sheets or welded assemblies can be painted directly after blasting

In practice, a powder-form mixture of different mineral components has proven to be the additive which can be most simply combined with the operating mix. The additive is comprised of microscopically tiny thin platelets, which position themselves on the oil wetting of metal surfaces. Following the mixing of the additive with the blasting shot within 15 - 30 minutes by normal circulation it is immediately ready for use.

Due to the comparatively very high force of adhesion, oils and greases are immediately virtually torn away from the metal surfaces and bound to the surfaces of the additive particles.
As a result of the blasting effect, the additive particles, with oil and grease adhering to them, are removed from the surface of the blasted workpiece. The favourable surface-to-weight ratio then enables the selective transport by air flow of the disturbing substances out of the system.
In part, they are immediately removed by the dust extraction from the blasting process. However, at the latest the additive particles are practically completely removed from the blasting process with the contaminants in the air separator. In the follow-on filter system the now no longer sticky dust particles are then separated and then can be disposed with the normal filter dust.

With the use of the additive ULTIMATE, blasted workpieces are practically grease-free and, for example, can be added directly to the coating. Cost-intensive cleaning processes do not apply anymore.

The additive is insoluble and inert and furthermore neither flammable nor combustible. The previous risk of dust fires and dust explosions in the entire blasting system is therefore reduced.