Blasting media

PantaTec makes bonded, greasy blasting media flow freely again

A defined and reproducible blasting result requires a defined and constant tool (blasting media).
Oils and greases cause adhesion and bonding. The blasting shot loses a necessary, basic characteristic, namely its free flowing property. Dust and fine particles adhere to each other and surround larger grains. Agglomerates are formed. The impinging blasting shot from the turbine or the blasting pipe then causes cluster and cloud formation, comparable with throwing moist or dry sand.
This means that the blasting coverage is no longer defined, it becomes inhomogeneous and unstable.
Shadows and a cloudy blasting profile result on the blasted surfaces.
The agglomerates simulate a grain size which is not actually present.
Consequently, the blasting intensity is no longer defined. The agglomerates burst on striking the surface of the object subjected to blasting, and the required effect deriving from their kinetic energy is no longer achieved.