Rauch agricultural machinery, Rheinmünster, Germany

The blasting media additive is used in the Rheinmünster plant

The agricultural machinery manufacturer, Rauch, uses the new blasting medium additive PantaTec ULTIMATE in its blasting system in the Rheinmünster plant. Therefore, during surface preparation, Rauch attains significantly improved process reliability for the subsequent corrosion protection coating process with powder coating. The weldments and metal sheet structures are taken from its own advanced manufacturing directly to the subsequent surface coating process.

By adding the ULTIMATE additive, perfect results were achieved at the company Rauch without pre-cleaning, despite oily parts

A clean and stable blasting process on a big blasting system with 12 blasting wheels plays an important part in this. In spite of the introduction of production-related oils and greases in the blasting process, it can be achieved that blasting media and material to be blasted remain grease-free and clean through the continuous use of the blasting. Oils and greases are removed from metal surfaces through the new purifying additive and are eliminated from the process via the separator. The operating mixture remains consistently defined and can handle its task very well, reports Mr. Peter Huck, Production Manager Surface Engineering at Rauch.

“Before using ULTIMATE we always had problems with greasy blasting media and respective parts surfaces. Sometimes more, sometimes less so. The result was that we had to coordinate our subsequent process steps for the worst case scenario. However, since we have been using the blasting medium additive, we have improved process conditions stably and can rely on good blasting results in terms of roughness and purities. This clearly simplifies the subsequent coating works. A reduced use of materials, easier removal of residual dust from blasting and less remachining during parts cleaning are among the most important advantages for us, in addition to process reliability.”

Mr. Peter Huck, Production Manager Surface Engineering at Rauch Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH:
“We became aware of PantaTec through the internet. The information that was given there was competent and conclusive. Still we were a bit sceptical at first about the statement that the old problem with oils and greases in the blasting system was supposedly able to be removed that easily. During the visit of Mr. Evert (PantaTec), we were able initially to convince ourselves of the effect of the additive through some manual essay tests. Then afterwards we complemented our blasting system with the additive. For this, PantaTec first "vaccinated" the system. Through closely successive additions at the air separator directly into the blasting media, we produced a homogeneous mixture of blasting media and additive.

We were rather amazed that in our large continuous flow system with 12 turbines and approx. 18 tons of blasting media, after half an hour PantaTec ULTIMATE already produced clearly brighter and hence cleaner parts.”

The new method of the company PantaTec GmbH, for the removal of production-related oils and greases directly in the peening process in blasting wheel plants, for many users simplifies the treatment of metal surfaces and significantly reduces process costs. Peening without pre-cleaning (washing and drying) and then direct further processing really works.