Service provider for surface coating, Ruhrgebiet, Germany

A continuously good blasting result forms the basis for high quality assurance in surface coatings

With another user, a renowned service provider for surface coating in the Ruhr region, the conditions were even more difficult.
The Plant Manager: “For us as a service provider in the field of corrosion protection coatings, we have to deal daily with deliveries of workpieces that can be reasonably clean one day and oily and greasy the next.

Yet, our demanding customers still expect that our coatings must always meet the most stringent requirements. To ensure this, we kept having to wash parts before blasting. This meant additional costs and, due to the tight delivery deadlines, was also associated with some special campaigns. Nevertheless, it could also happen that in one shipment, parts lying on top seemed to be still acceptable while lower lying parts were then not ok. This could lead to the fact that we had integrated and carried over oils and greases into our processes. This was then extremely tricky because both the error cause and also the effect on the subsequent blasting works were not able to be controlled. The people of PantaTec obviously also knew this situation from other users. They have previously shown us this during an impressive practical demonstration of the functions of the new cleaning additive.

Then we went directly to one of our blasting systems and within a very short time we have got together visibly brighter and cleaner parts from the blasting system. The PantaTec employee had "vaccinated" our system first through several additive admixtures. Already after half an hour, we could ascertain through a beading test with water that our blasting media had been definitely cleaned, i.e. was virtually grease-free. The material to be blasted, which we subsequently ran through the system, was also clearly cleaner. With adhesive tape tests, we were able to demonstrate this.

For us, the use of PantaTec ULTIMATE means a big improvement in our blasting process. We save the expense of monitoring and pre-washing the supplied parts. For us and our customers, process reliability means quality assurance and with it an improvement in economic efficiency.”