<span>This is how to remove your grease!</span><br /><span>Correct adhesion problems in coatings</span><br /><span>Achieve process reliability for subsequent processes</span><br /><span>Remove grease from the blasting medium</span><br /><span>With PantaTec ULTIMATE</span><br /><span>No washing after blasting</span><br /><span>Wetting good - clean surface</span><br /><span>Reduces wear on the blasting machine</span><br /><span>Blasting material is free of oils and greases</span><br /><span>No adhesions in the blasting machine</span><br /><span>Easy to use and highly efficient</span><br /><span>Do the test</span><br /><span>Now also automatic and with process reliability</span><br />

Blashing with metal is abrassives in blasting systems is an established standard process for the surface treatment of metals, e.g.

  • blast cleaning to prepare the surface for corrosion protection coatings
  • production of surface finishes after casting operations, heat treatment and shaping
  • surface treatment for the strain-hardening of metals

We of PantaTec deal with the aspect that can interfere with and detrimentally influence the blasting process from the very beginning: contamination of the blasting process due to oils and greases. A patent for our method has been applied for.

And this is how it works: With the PantaTec method , the simple admixture of an additive separates disturbing oils and greases from metal surfaces binds then and in this way removes them from the process. This even greasy metal surfaces can be blasted without problem and can even be coated directly. more

The blasting medium additive PantaTec ULTIMATE - this is how it works.

The blasting medium purifying additive PantaTec ULTIMATE is used for the cleaning of metallic blasting media and the improvement of blasting results

Oil-free surfaces without the elbow grace

Blasting and degreasing in a only one step - PantaTec ULTIMATE makes this possible. Complex cleaning processes before and/or after blasting are not needed anymore

The blasting process is optimised.

PantaTec contributes to the reduction of process costs. The circulating blasting medium remains free flowing and available for longer. PantaTec provides improved operational safety and diminished fire risk.

Our customers confirm this.

The technical director of Eggersmann Anlagenbau, Jörg Halstenberg, has already used the PantaTec method for 4 years to manufacture corrosion protection.