Cost cutting

The annual economic benefit with blasting processes, in the form of cost savings resulting from the elimination of work steps, is significant. The main potential for cost savings is in the form of:

  • personnel required for cleaning
  • materials required in the form of cleaning media and blasting shot
  • shortened throughput times due to the elimination or reduction of cleaning steps
  • less re-working due to improved process reliabilityt
  • lower risk of complaints due to improved quality assurance
  • no initial investment required

With the blasting procedure with PantaTec ULTIMATE described, the old problem of oil and grease interfering with shot blasting, which until now could be solved only with great effort and high costs, can now be easily handled with considerably less effort and significant cost savings.

The use of an additive in shot blasting processes immensely simplifies these and enables very effective improvements. The cost savings which can be achieved and the possibilities of quality improvement make the additive process an interesting alternative and/or supplement to conventional wet-chemical cleaning processes in connection with shot blasting processes. In many cases, a possibility is only now available for the integration of a cleaning step in the process of surface treatment.