Vaccination of the blasting system

If the blasting media is cleaned with PantaTec, water seeps in more quickly

In the case of contamination, the blasting system must then be “vaccinated”. Here, for example, mixing the additive directly behind the air flow separator is well suited. This offers the greatest possible chance for contact with the abrasive and the blasting system. According to the design of the blasting system and the degree of contamination, mix in 2 - 4 litres of additive per metric ton of blasting media. For mixing the additive with the media, a wheel blasting system should then run for around 15 - 30 minutes in full operation mode. With pneumatic blasters the mixing process takes considerably longer because of the lower abrasive flow rate and may take as long as several days.

Following mixing (with wheel blasting systems already after 30 - 60 minutes), a second media sample can be taken in order to repeat the water penetration test. The penetration time, the time in which the water seeps into the blasting media, should then be far shorter.