Process control

wetting test of blasted surface with tap water

The operators of blasting systems can quickly check their own blasting process with simple practical tests:

  • By means of repellent tests with water, the so-called water repellent test, the grease content of the blasting medium can be assessed.

  • With the adhesive tape test, the residual dust on blasted surfaces can be determined.

  • With the water test on the blasted surface, the blasting results can be checked, based on the wettability of the surface of the workpiece. Well cleaned workpieces made of mild steel show rust within a very short time.

  • In addition, hand rub test, smell of the blasting medium and visual colour inspection of the blasting medium and blasted metal surface can give a first impression.

The subsequent use of the purifying additive usually shows clearly visible improvements already one-half to one hour afterwards. No change of the wheel blasting systems is necessary for the first use of the additive.  A suitable place for feeding only needs to be found to ensure good mixing. In this, the employees of PantaTec GmbH will provide support to the users on request directly on site.