Operating point

The workpieces go from the blasting system directly to coating

The required operating point can, for example, be adjusted so that the blasting process can still remove the greatest part of the expected contamination without carry-over to the process which follows.

Or the operating point is used as a sort of “police filter” in order to stop carry-over from a previous pre-cleaning step. In any case, an intelligently chosen operating point can help to improve and stabilise the required process reliability, and therefore the quality assurance.

With this method one now has a constant supply of clean metal blasting media, oil-free and with a constant free flow capacity. The range of grain sizes remains defined and within the required range of values.
The shot blasting process can now constantly produce purified surfaces with a defined and stable roughness depth. The coatability of the surfaces for corrosion protection is now permanently defined and stable. In many cases, washing processes can now be eliminated or vastly reduced.

The operating mix is permanently defined due to the stable purification equipment conditions, as the air flow separator and the dust collecting system. This results in a defined and stable kinetic effect during shot peening for cold work.