Automatic dosing for ultimate additive

PantaTec INJECTO 05
Functional diagram INJECTO 05-01

For the best possible process reliability, PantaTec has now developed a new automatic dosing device. The additive is introduced by pneumatic injection principle in the desired quantity directly into the blasting media. In a 70 litre reservoir, the additive is kept flowable by a stirrer and filled into the defined dosing chamber.
A brief blast of compressed air blasts the additive through the feed line and the injection lance directly into the blasting media in the hopper and atomizes it at the same time. The injection lance is located in the core flow of the blasting media, i.e. directly in the feed stream to the blasting wheels or pressure vessel. The blasting media takes the additive with it and is mixed with it. Immediately , the additive takesits effect and peels a way oils and greases. 

The desired volume of additive is entered via the display of the dosing control

Dosing Control
The dosing units is linked with the control unit of the blasting machine in such a manner that additive is added only during the active blasting operation. With centrifugal wheel blasting machines, the control signal is used for the closure element, and with pressure air-blasting systems the switching signal of the bucket conveyor. The desired volume of additive is entered in plain text via the display of the dosing control from 0 - 5 l/h.  
One needs approx. 0.5 - 1 litre of additive per blasting wheel and blasting hour, and with pr. air blasting ca. 0.5 – 1 litre per blasting tube.
The filling level monitor reminds the operator in time to respectively refill a complete bag of additive(50 litres). The filling is done manually by pouring a complete bag of ULTIMATE in the storage container. 

Installation at the blasting media hopper

Installation of the dosing unit, floor standing
The doser can be installed easily and with little effort at virtually any blasting machine, also subsequently.
First, the blasting medium hopper must be emptied. On the blasting medium hopper, a 1 hole (diameter 51 mm) is cut in a side wall and 6 mounting holes (diameter 9 mm) are drilled. A corresponding drilling template is included in the delivery scope. The injection lance is placed in the core flow of the blasting medium and is screwed onto the side wall on the clamping flange.

The doser with the integrated control unit is placed as close as possible to the blasting medium hopper at a suitable point on the ground. The outlet for the additive on the doser is connected with the injection lance via the hose (1").
As an electrical connection, one needs only a standard safety socket (230 V, 16 A).
In addition, a 6 bar compressed air supply (dry and oil free) is required. The connection to the doser is via compressed air hose with quick release coupling.

PantaTec INJECTO 05 (basic version) comprising:

Base frame with storage bin and cover

    •    Total height: approx. 1200 mm
    •    Total width: approx.  800 mm
    •    Total depth: approx. 450 mm
    •    Storage bin contents: approx. 70 litres
    •    Total weight basic version, empty:  approx. 95 kg
    •    Number of injection lances:     1

    Pneumatic dosing unit

    Dosing is done with a stirrer into a rotating dosing chamber each injection lance. The additive is introduced directly into the pneumatic injection lance by a pressure air impulse through a hoseline. The injection lance is adjusted in length and is thus positioned in the main flow of the blasting media.Special versions with up to 3 injection lances are available on request.The injection lance can then be operated in one blasting system, or in up to three separate blasting systems.       The adjustable dosing quantity in litres per blasting hour is equal for the three injection lances and/or consumers. Nevertheless, the trigger of the consumers is done as required independently of each other. According to the operating mode of the consumer, blasting or idling / standstill, the dosers are switched on or deactivated separately. The maximum transport length and transport height from the metering unit to the injection lances are to be kept as small as possible.


    Overall transport length :

    •    max. approx.  12 m
    •    Overall transport height: max. approx. 6 m
    •    Number of injection lances: up to 3 


      Electrical system:

        • On/off switch
        • Activation by external signal from the blasting system control, e.g. switching signal for opening the closure from the blasting media hopper to the blasting wheels, for which a floating relay contact needs to be provided and connected by the customer
        • Adjustment of dosed amount in plain text via the PLC display, 0 - 5 litres per blasting hour
        • Monitoring of storage bin filling level and indication of minimum filling level, approx. 10 litres
        • IP54 integrated control cabinet
        • Wired for connecting to power supply and all the necessary signal and control cables
        • Electrical connection: 230 V, 16 A, safety coupling with 1m long cable,
        • Safety socket is to be provided by the client


          • Compressed air supply, 6 bar, dry and oil-free
          • Compressed air connection supply line to the dosing unit with quick disconnect coupling provided by the client   

          Assembly and commissioning
          Basically the doser is prepared for self-assembly.
          For this purpose, authorized specialist knowledge of mechanics, metalworking and electrics are required. Assembly, commissioning and process engineering support can also be carried out by means of service order through PantaTec GmbH.