Process reliability

When using PantaTec, the dust filter media remain stable and clear

Grease-free and always free-flowing blasting media improve process reliability and with it quality assurance. The dust filters are no longer clogged up with imported greases and oils. The screening of the blasting media remains stabilised and functional. The grain size range of the operating mix is kept consistent in this manner. A basic requirement for uniform homogeneous blasting results with the desired roughness and purity.

An inspection of the dust filter system by the manufacturer on site at a user revealed the following:
“The filter resistor with 60 daPa is absolutely in order and for a pure filter runtime of 3447 hrs and a blasting time of 1651 hrs is absolutely in order. We recommend a replacement of the filter cartridges with a resistor of approx. 100 - 120 daPa (= mmWS).”

In addition, one has found in practical tests a considerable reduction of the risk of dust fires and dust explosions. The additive is inert itself.It also has an inerting effect on blasting dust when present in sufficient concentration in the filter dust. Investigations on a scientific basis regarding this can also be carried out by BAM in Berlin.

The PantaTec principle