It has been proven that the wear of the filter cartridges is significantly reduced by using the additive in blasting systems. As the dust filters are no longer clogged up with imported oils and greases, they also retain their effect for the long-term. Another aspect to increase economic efficiency in manufacturing plants.

An inspection of the dust filter system by the manufacturer on site at a user revealed the following:
“The filter resistor with 60 daPa is absolutely in order and for a pure filter runtime of 3447 hrs and a blasting time of 1651 hrs is absolutely in order. We recommend a replacement of the filter cartridges with a resistor of approx. 100 - 120 daPa (= mmWS).”

Later the filter cartridges were prophylactically replaced after approx. 7500 hrs filter runtime. The differential pressure still amounted to 60 daPA.